Correspondent services

Industry professionals


  • The firm offers its services in all of its practice areas as Correspondent in the Western Cape to firms in other jurisdictions

Current referrals and references

  • Maenetja Attorneys in Pretoria
    Obtaining signatures, notarisation, lodgement and registration in the Cape Town Deeds Office of National Empowerment Fund Commission Mortgages.
  • Kloppers Incorporated in KZN
    Lodgement and supervision of bond registration in the Cape Town Deeds Office
  • Dichmont & Thomson Wynberg Cape Town
    Locum Conveyancing Services


Carol During & Associates offer the following legal services


Leases and real estate management

Wills, trusts and administration of deceased estates

Antenuptial contracts

Correspondent services

Carol During & Associates  |  Principal Attorney: Carol During

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