Why a thorough Deeds Office search is essential

Why a thorough Deeds Office search is essential

There was a property in a development in Franschhoek where a client was led to believe what she was buying was larger than it was. The estate agent erroneously indicated that the garden extended further than was the actual case according to diagrams filed at the Surveyor General and Deeds Office.

In my opinion, a proper Deeds Office search by the estate agent would have revealed the true situation. It is very important to insist on thorough Deeds Office searches by the agent particularly when buying in developments on farmland where farms get subdivided, re-divided and consolidated for purposes of the development.

Often, unregistered diagrams get forgotten and eventually  rear their ugly head at some stage in the future causing problems for the unsuspecting buyer.

In this particular matter, a consolidated diagram was overlooked and never registered 20 years earlier!

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