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UDZ Tax Benefit

Have you heard about the UDZ tax incentive offered by SARS? Are you aware that SARS have structured a tax incentive that effectively allows you to build or renovate buildings in UDZ zones (there are 17 around South Africa)… at no cost to yourself? There is a catch, but it’s a positive one. You can…

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How Voetstoots can work for you and against you

The Voetstoots Clause in contracts for the sale of residential property is well known, but there are a couple of issues that need to be highlighted especially for first-time homeowners. Voetstoots is a clause that stipulates that the Seller is not liable for any obvious defects (the legal term for this is ‘patent’), but can…

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Immovable body corporate obstacles

When it comes to Sectional Title issues where an owner of a unit wishes to renovate his section, it is vitally important to check beforehand with the Body Corporate of the scheme whether any resolution authorising the proposed alterations is required. In terms of section 24 of the Sectional Title Act 95/1986, if an owner…

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The obligation on sellers to provide compliance certificates

When ownership of a property moves from one party to another (be it a natural person or a legal entity), the seller is obliged to organise for property inspections to be carried out in order that the relevant Compliance Certificates can be obtained. These certificates currently are for Electrical, Plumbing, Beetle and (where relevant) Gas.…

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How landlords can protect themselves against PIE

I have been hearing a lot from landlords about their frustrations with PIE – to be specific, the Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act of 1998. PIE is a real thorn in the side of landlords when it comes to aberrant tenants breaching the conditions of their lease. It’s important that tenants are protected under the…

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Why a thorough Deeds Office search is essential

There was a property in a development in Franschhoek where a client was led to believe what she was buying was larger than it was. The estate agent erroneously indicated that the garden extended further than was the actual case according to diagrams filed at the Surveyor General and Deeds Office. In my opinion, a…

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